Structuring your superannuation and retirement savings the right way can boost your retirement income by thousands of dollars a year. As you move from your working life, to pre-retirement and finally full-retirement it is important that you seek the right advice. By not implementing the correct strategy and structure for your investments, you may be leaving some very lucrative tax breaks off the table.

At Bowden Hayes Private Wealth, an experienced adviser can talk you through the benefits of the various structures that may suit your circumstances:

– Transition to retirement pensions
– Allocated Pensions
– Annuities
– Savings Bonds
– Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF)
– Discretionary trusts

Sometimes a combination of these is most appropriate. We work with you, based around your objectives, to achieve the optimal outcome in terms of tax advantages, income targeting and capital protection. Taking into account your family situation is also critical and so estate planning forms another key part of our advice.

"We talk you through the benefits of various retirement income options"

Bowden Hayes Private Wealth are also specialists in utilising franking credits to maximise retirement benefits. These are tax credits paid by companies to their shareholders along with their dividend payments. Franking credits provide retirees with a particularly effective way of maximising the amount of income drawn from a finite amount of starting capital.

Particularly topical during the 2019 Federal Election, these strategies are once again a legitimate and viable tool for retirement planning. Bowden Hayes advisers use specialist equity income portfolios for clients that are intent on getting the most out of their retirement lifestyle.

Whether you’re already enjoying retirement or still in the planning stage our advisers can cut through the confusion and recommend the best retirement income strategy for you.

"We cut through the confusion and recommend the best income strategy for you"
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